Local Used Car Dealers


Finding Local Used Car Dealers may seem a little intimidating at first. We are here to help! Sweetheart Auto Sales is one of the leading Used Car Dealerships in the Long Island area. We have experienced dealers in-house available to specialize attention and direct your specific needs to the Pre-Owned Vehicle that is best for you!



Our highly experienced and trained Local Used Car Dealers may ask you a series of questions to narrow down your interests and find the right vehicle for you. A particular car make, model and price are all important factors in this process. Also, running a Car Fax through our Used Car Dealers and Specialists will definitely assist you in finding that best fit car for your specific needs.

Test Drive


Making sure the Local Used Car Dealers you are dealing with will allow you to test drive a vehicle or two that you are interested in is extremely important. Make sure you are comfortable with your decision before even making that decision. Here at Sweetheart Auto Sales, we assure you that you are 100 percent comfortable with your purchase even before you make it.

Certified Used Cars for Sale


Having a lot of different cars will allow you to explore all options before making your purchase and finding the right vehicle for you. Feel free to check out our Inventory Gallery before even coming in to meet with one of our Local Used Car Dealers!

contact us

A car purchase is the second biggest purchase most people will make in their lives (next to a house). Make sure you make the right choice and feel free to Contact Us Today! You can call us and speak with the CEO directly, Steve at 516-849-2078 or email Sweetheartautosales@gmail.com – We look forward towards hearing from you!

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